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s5thumb.png Amazon

Free Kindle ebooks for Samsung users starting from today

Samsung this morning have announced a tie-up with Amazon to offer free Kindle books to smartphone customers. Owners of Galaxy smartphones and tablets will be able to download one free book a month. Each month, customers will have the option...more

galaxythumb.png Android

Check out this cool diagram of Samsung's Galaxy range

Can't decide which device from the Samsung Galaxy range to get? You could be forgiven, as there's an awful lot of different choices - as this diagram demonstrates. (Click for bigger!) The chart has been put together by designer Luke...more

tizenlogo.png Samsung

Samsung working on a non-Android "Tizen" phone - world asks "why?"

An executive at Samsung has been speaking to Reuters today about the company's plans for future phones - given the recent Galaxy S5 launch. Apparently they're working on making phones on their own "Tizen" platform. If Tizen sounds familiar, it...more

skythumb.png Sky

Sky launch remote record from Twitter

Now this is clever - Sky have become the first UK broadcaster to enable remote record in one click from Twitter. Read on to find out how it works. The service, called #WatchOnSky integrates with Twitter using "Twitter cards" -...more

cortanathumb.png Windows Phone 8

5 Things non-Windows users should be jealous of in Windows Phone 8.1

This week Microsoft have started pushing out Windows 8.1 to Windows Phone handsets. The roll-out is set to take a few months, so don't be surprised if you don't have it yet - but it does have several very interesting...more

gmailsmall.png Google

Google makes it easier to attach photos on Gmail / Google forces more Google+ down the throats of poor Gmail users

Google have made a change to Gmail, and we're not entirely sure how best to report it. Read on to find out more. The Good Version The Bad Version Google have added a clever little feature to Gmail this morning,...more

m8 thumb.png Android

Is a cheap HTC One M8 coming soon? And what about a mini one too?

The rumour mill is working at full power as we hear word about HTC's future plans now that their flagship HTC One M8 is available in the shops. First off, everyone knows that the M8 is expensive, so there are...more

titanfallthumb.png Gaming

Our Titanfall (Xbox 360) Review

It's one of the biggest games of the current generation so far - but how does it fare on Microsoft's older console? Here's our review. There's few things in life that massive robots wouldn't improve. Football? It'd be bettere if...more

xboxonethumb.png Gaming

April Xbox One update rolls out - better notifications, and better saves!

The public face of Xbox, Major Nelson, has posted on the Xbox blog details of the latest update to the Xbox One's system software - which amongst other updates, brings back notifications for when friends sign in to Xbox Live....more


Could TV shows be made for Oculus Rift?

Intriguing news from the MIPTV festival in Cannes, where it has emerged that David Attenborough - one of the top 5 humans - is working on a nature documentary... for Oculus Rift. Yep, you read that right. Apparently Atlantic Productions,...more

photothumb.png Android

Amazon, Lenovo and Huawei all thought to be stuffing more cameras into forthcoming phones

As the smartphone market matures and the devices become both ubiquitous and already packed with everything you might need, device manufacturers are beginning to ask: What do you get the smartphone that has everything? It turns out that the answer...more

weibothumb.png iPhone

BREAKING NEWS! The iPhone 6 will be rectanglar

The whole tech press has been getting excited over the past couple of days over yet more alleged iPhone 6 leaks - this time, it is photos purported to be from the Chinese factory where the phone will be made...more

kapturethumb.png Android

Samsung rumoured to be announcing "S5 Zoom" on April 29th

Samsung mobile's official Twitter account has dropped the biggest hint yet that a new iteration of the Galaxy Zoom is on the way - this time an S5 with a beefed up camera. @SamsungMobile have urged followers to "Kapture the...more

virb thumb.png Cameras

Gadget Show Live: Checking out the Garmin VIRB Elite Camera

It turns out that Garmin don't just make satnavs - but they're also competing with the likes of GoPro in the "small camera for filming dangerous activities" market. Their current flagship product is the VIRB Elite Camera, and I got...more

gtar2.png Musical Instruments

Will the Gtar teach you to shred in no time at all?

At Gadget Show Live I stumbled upon this awesome new way to learn the guitar. The Gtar is a fully blown guitar, but with a hook-up for an iPhone and a fretboard full of light indicators. It works a bit...more

marketing.png Web 2.0

You won't be able to stop watching this unbearable social media marketing song

Oh god, this is real. You have to watch this video. At an event about "social media marketing", presumably attended by the sorts of people who talk about "brand engagement"... someone thought it would be a good idea to do,...more

peugeot308-2.png Car stuff

Gadget Show Live: Checking out the Peugeot 308's on-board computer

At Gadget Show Live in Birmingham I got a chance to check out the new Peugeot 308 and the new on-board computer. The car - which it is safe to say is geared towards every day usage rather than performance...more

leakthumb.png Gaming

The Last Of Us (pretty much) confirmed for PS4

Sony have accidentally let the cat out of the bag - it seems The Last Of Us is coming to PS4 after all. The leak was discovered by a NeoGAF forum member who discovered a listing on the Playstation store...more

z2thumb.png Android

Sony Xperia Z2 coming to Carphone Warehouse next week

Carphone Warehouse have announced a bit of a coup. They're getting the Sony Xperia Z2 a full two weeks ahead of rivals - with it due in stores next week, rather than on May 1st like everywhere else. The phone...more

olloclipthumb.png iPhone

Gadget Show Live: Oloclip makes your iPhone photography better

Want to make your iPhone photos look better? Then it might be worth picking up the Oloclip - a four-in-one lens device that just clips on to the corner of your phone. The latest version is the 4-in-1 lens, which...more

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