EE promises world’s largest festival mobile charging operation at Glastonbury

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Hopefully you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of juice at this year’s Glastonbury Festival as EE has signed up for its third year as the official technology and communications partner with what it promises is the world’s largest festival mobile phone charging operation.

EE is providing two Power Bar Exchange points on site this year, able to accommodate over 200,000 Power Bar swaps during the festival weekend. The EE Power Bar – an portable phone charger – was launched at Glastonbury last year as an alternative to traditional charging. Users charge their phone on the go with the bar and then, once it runs out of juice, simply swap it for a fully charged one at the designated Exchange sites.

Spencer McHugh, Director of Brand at EE, said:Our Power Bar phone charging initiative began at Glastonbury in 2014 and proved so popular that we launched it last month as a year-round loyalty scheme for all customers.  We received over a million requests in just four days, so to say there is huge demand for this simple charging solution is an understatement, and at festivals the need for a fully-charged phone is even greater.

“Last year, we know customers uploaded the equivalent of 1.5 million pictures during the festival and downloaded 2.5 terabytes of data, which is the same as 650,000 headlining tracks. To meet this demand we are rolling out the EE Power Bar swap scheme on an unprecedented scale.”

This year, anyone wishing to take advantage of the swapping system on-site must have an official 2015 EE Power Bar and will need to register for a special wristband by the 7th June.  The wristband allows each user one swap per day. EE Power Bars are available (subject to stock availability) at no charge to all EE, Orange or T-Mobile customers. Non-EE customers can pay £20 to take part in the scheme. All Glastonbury-goers will be contacted directly on May 26th to confirm the details of this process.

Traditional charging in the EE Recharge tent – which is free to all – will also be available on site from EE ensuring as many festival-goers as possible can stay powered up.

This year EE is promising a superfast 4G network – complete with six mobile masts – enabling guests at the festival to upload pictures and videos in record time. EE is also working alongside Glastonbury Festival to update the official Glastonbury app with a new look and exciting new features for 2015. The upgraded app will be available in June and allow those on site to stay better connected with friends than ever before.

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