6 tips to prepare your car for winter


Drivers have been urged to get their vehicles ready for winter or risk dangerous journeys in the cold. Motoring experts at Lease Van have revealed six tips for Brits to winter-proof their vans and cars…

Driving through cold temperatures and extreme weather can be hard but doing extra preparation will help make travelling this winter safer and easier.

Ensuring that the tyres have sufficient tread depth and all the lights are working are essential winter checks. Motorists should also pack an emergency kit with warm clothes and a torch in case of a breakdown.

Says Tim Alcock from Lease Van:

 “Many drivers forget to prepare their vehicles ready for winter driving and have to face uncomfortable and dangerous journeys throughout the colder months.

“Vision can be impaired, the roads are slippery and extreme weather can catch out even the most experienced drivers.

“So making sure you have the correct fluid levels in your vehicle, all the lights are fully functioning and the tyres are at the correct tread depth are all important checks to make.”

Here are Lease Van’s six tips for getting your vehicle ready for winter:

  1. Check your tyres

Ensure that there is sufficient tread depth on all tyres so that your journeys are safe this winter on slippery and icy roads.

Drivers can use a 20p coin to regularly check if the tread is legal – if you can’t see the outer band of the coin when placed in the tread grooves then the tyres are safe to use.

  1. Pack an emergency kit

In the unfortunate event of a winter breakdown, having some essential items in the boot will help you keep safe and warm while waiting for recovery. Pack warm clothes, a torch, portable phone charger, water and a snack for emergencies.

  1. Check the lights are working

Check all lights and indicators are working on your van or car and replace any bulbs that aren’t. With the shorter days and foggy weather it’s important all lights are fully functioning.

  1. Have enough fuel

Especially before taking a long journey or when driving in the dark, make sure there is plenty of fuel left to avoid breaking down and being stranded in the cold. Always aim to have at least a quarter of the tank full.

  1. Don’t let your vision be impaired

Make sure that the windscreen and windows are completely ice and condensation-free before setting off so you can have a clear view of the road ahead.

There are several household items you can use to prevent windows fogging up – such as shaving foam, and onions can help de-ice your vehicle.

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  1. Vehicle fluids should be sufficient

Anti-freeze is one of the most important fluids to keep regular checks on over the winter to ensure there are sufficient levels to stop the engine freezing. It’s also important to make sure the windscreen wash and brake fluid are at the correct levels.

To find out more about getting your van and car ready for winter, head over to https://leasecar.uk/van-leasing/.

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