6 tips to prepare your car for winter

Drivers have been urged to get their vehicles ready for winter or risk dangerous journeys in the cold. Motoring experts at Lease Van have revealed six tips for Brits to winter-proof their vans and cars... Driving through cold temperatures and extreme weather can be hard but doing extra preparation will help make travelling this winter safer…

How to drive safely in winter conditions

ROAD SAFETY and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist is urging motorists to take extra care, with temperatures forecast to plummet and the possibility of snow in days to come. Forecasters are predicting freezing temperatures during this week. As a result, road journeys are likely to be more difficult and treacherous, with ice on roads, falls…

Flash Game Challenge: Winterbells


Last week’s Flash Game Challenge was won by the illustrious, the magisterial, the benevolent and formidable commenter David. He rules, ladies and gentlemen. For a week anyway. Want to take his crown? Well then you better be good at making little rabbit sprites jump into bells.

That’s right, this week, the game I’ve picked is Winterbells. To coincide with the mountains of snow outside, this game features frozen water too. Tonnes of it. I managed a top score of 4690, but I just know that you can do a lot better than that. Prove me right in the comments below.


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Winter: the survival-horror Wii title that was canned for not being a kid's game


Do you ever wonder why every Wii game takes about ten minutes to play? It’s because long-session, “adult”, games are being denied funding for the console. With very few exceptions (Twilight Princess springs to mind, but there are few others) the console’s games are all short-play affairs that focus on bright colours and cutesie avatars.

Well, IGN has an extensive look at a very promising game called “Winter” that never made it, thanks simply to its more ‘adult’ nature. Despite being a hit with publishers, the sales and marketing departments found the idea of a ‘survival horror’ game on the Wii to be “simply too big a leap for them, regardless of the enthusiastic support of the PD department and the Wii’s total domination in the marketplace.”

Apple patents 'winter-friendly' touchscreen gloves


Apple has decided to apply for a patent on a means of using a multi-touch device with gloves. Traditional gloves block the electrical impulses from your skin, meaning that a capacitive touchscreen doesn’t get any signal when your mittened hand touches it.

You might be thinking ‘how can you patent a product that’s already on the market?’, but the difference here is that the fingertips of the unconductive outer layer can be drawn back to reveal a more conductive inner layer. Apple suggests this could be accomplished with an elastic ring.

Apple’s patent application (via AppleInsider)

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Warm those hands (or other parts) with the Zippo Hand Warmer


This is one of those little gadgets that could come in very useful as we sink deeper into the long cold days of winter. The Zippo Hand Warmer is a compact, highly polished chrome device that can be filled with premium lighter fluid, producing ten times the heat of traditional models, and lasting for up to 24 hours.

Apparently it will fit easily into pockets, gloves, and even pants (this came from an American site, so it may be best not to slip them into your boxers) so you could well use it to heat up a lot more than just your hands…

VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 9

Winter. A terrible time for energy waste, thanks to women always being cold and needing the heating on, plus it’s dark so the only things to do are watching TV and going on the internet. AND you have to have the lights on. It’s a terrifying period of BIG SPENDING on utility bills. If only there was some way to SAVE MONEY and ENERGY during the winter months…

There is! Allow me to introduce the concept of Human Hibernation. It’s insanity that we bother being awake during the boring winter, so I propose a Human Hibernation period from November to March. It’s worked successfully in the animal kingdom for decades – so let’s follow their example and activate hibernate.

Christmas will have to be moved to Easter to accommodate human hibernation, but that’s the only downside…

Ardica Portable Power – warmth and charging on the go


This is quite nifty – a company called Ardica have created a combo gadget that simultaneously charges your gadgets and warms your cockles. They’re calling it a “portable power and heating system”. Basically, it’s a wearable power pack.

You’ll need a “compatible” jacket to take advantage of the heating. That’s the first time I’ve ever worried about whether my jacket is “compatible” with anything before. You’ll get 3 hours of high heat out of it, and 8.6 hours of low heat. They reckon the device will provide heat up to 100 degrees, which i’m hoping is Fahrenheit, rather than Celsius. Or Kelvin, for that matter…