Spewer – a vom-o-rific flash game


If you’re eating, you might not want to read this. In the flash game I’m about to link you to, you control a little creature that looks a bit like Kirby who uses vomit as a projectile. Chuck up in one direction, and you’ll be propelled in the opposite.

In some cases, you end up in pits that need filling up with puke before you can swim out. Other times, you run out of chunder in your gut and have to ‘fill up’ by eating barf left by someone else before you can continue.

I’m starting to feel a bit queasy, so I’ll leave the rest to you. Play the game online on Newsgrounds here, and direct download it here.

(via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

Fire Service launches minigames


It seems that the boys in the Fire Brigade have been using their spare time to learn flash coding, because the government’s just put out a flash game that teaches people how to prepare for emergencies.

Aside from the slight insanity of kites blocking your safe path out of your house, it’s really well put-together and quite good fun. I got to about 6,000 points or so before feeling like I ought to get on with some work. How well do you manage? Give it a try right here:

Fire Brigade



The competition is certainly hotting up. The mysterious Vince won last week’s challenge with a mighty 13,728,350 score, obliterating the second place score of 34,170 from Neil. Vince says he played for an entire semester to get that good. That or he’s making up numbers. We’ll never know.

This week, we’ve got Perfect Balance. It’s less reliant on having a good mouse, you’ll be pleased to hear. It’s more of a puzzler, involving the stacking of blocks so that they don’t fall. I managed a score of 16091, on level 18, before getting stuck. How far can you get? Entries in the comments below, please.

Perfect Balance

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Flash Game Challenge: Winterbells


Last week’s Flash Game Challenge was won by the illustrious, the magisterial, the benevolent and formidable commenter David. He rules, ladies and gentlemen. For a week anyway. Want to take his crown? Well then you better be good at making little rabbit sprites jump into bells.

That’s right, this week, the game I’ve picked is Winterbells. To coincide with the mountains of snow outside, this game features frozen water too. Tonnes of it. I managed a top score of 4690, but I just know that you can do a lot better than that. Prove me right in the comments below.


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Last week’s Flash Game Challenge victor was won by Neil, with a world-beating score of 16,045,290 on his 3rd try. Not bad at all. Give yourself a pat on the back, Neil.

This week, there’s a more cerebral game for you. It’s a bit like a budget version of amazing TV gameshow Catchphrase, where it presents you with a phrase depicted graphically, and you have to work out which one, of three, it’s supposed to be,

You’ll need your thinking cap on for this – get it wrong, and you lose a life. Lose three lives and you’re out. I scored 24 in 112 seconds on my second go. Beat that, and post your winning score in the comments below.

Armour Academy

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Last week’s cricketastic Flash Game Challenge was won by commenter Alan, who hit my score for six with a mighty 127 runs. A polite round of applause for him, please, ladies and gentlemen.

As for this week, well, today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, so I wanted to pick something to warm your cold little hearts. How about helping some deer cross a forest stream, with rays of light cascading all around? On my first go, I scored a pathetic 9750. The second time, I scored a far more respectable 4991950. Can you beat it? Entries, as ever, in the comments.

The Crossing

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Last week’s special New Year’s Day edition of Flash Game Challenge was won by a last-minute entry from Bobbo, who smashed my pitiful effort with a time of 273 seconds. Although it was technically submitted a little late, the madness of CES meant I forgot to post a new challenge, so I’m allowing it. This time.

This week, we’ve got a corker for you. It’s essentially ragdoll cricket. Just wave your mouse around, and your avatar will wave his bat around. You’ll get it. I scored 114. Can you beat that? I bet you can. Post your score in the comments below.

Topspinner (via RPS)

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FLASH GAME CHALLENGE: Achievement Unlocked


Okay, you’ve had two weeks on Sock and Awe. The winner is Phage, who scored 15 hits on ol’ Bushy. Congratulations, Phage! This week, however, we’ve got a challenge of a different kind.

Today’s game is called Achievement Unlocked. You’re an elephant, and there are 99 achievements to collect. You’ve got to get all of them (or as many as you can). Some are easy, some aren’t so easy.

I spent far too long on the game over lunch, and took 1334 seconds to collect all of them. I might have alt-tabbed for a bit in the middle of that, too – so it should be fairly easy to beat. Let us know how you manage in the comments below.

Achievement Unlocked (via Kotaku)

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Last week, I rather shamefully took the crown with a score of 7,180 on Downhill Bowling. This week, you’ve got a chance, because I’m typing from a laptop and have to use a damn trackpad.

This week, we’ve got the resoundingly topical Sock and Awe. Chuck shoes at President Bush, get dragged out, get beaten in jail. Well, the first of those three, anyway. I managed a paltry 5 hits before getting ‘removed’ from the room. You can do better than that. Click here, and then let us know what you got in the comments below.

Sock and Awe

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This is brilliant. Why has no-one come up with the concept of downhill bowling before? Fling a bowling ball down a hill and see how many strikes you can get on the pins scattered about the hillside on the way down. Plus there’s bombs!

Install the Unity Web Player (It’s not virus, spyware, etc), and then restart your browser and give it a quick go. I had difficulties running it in Chrome, but after swapping to Firefox, I notched up a whopping score of 7180 on level one. Beat that, and leave your score in the comments for someone else to top.

Downhill Bowling (via RPS)

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