VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 9

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Winter. A terrible time for energy waste, thanks to women always being cold and needing the heating on, plus it’s dark so the only things to do are watching TV and going on the internet. AND you have to have the lights on. It’s a terrifying period of BIG SPENDING on utility bills. If only there was some way to SAVE MONEY and ENERGY during the winter months…

There is! Allow me to introduce the concept of Human Hibernation. It’s insanity that we bother being awake during the boring winter, so I propose a Human Hibernation period from November to March. It’s worked successfully in the animal kingdom for decades – so let’s follow their example and activate hibernate.

Christmas will have to be moved to Easter to accommodate human hibernation, but that’s the only downside I can see. Who’s going to hibernate with me? Well, not actually with me. You’ll need your own wardrobe and toilet roll.

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Gary Cutlack
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