VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 8

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Today’s energy saving tip is to do with the vacuum cleaner. The common ‘Hoover’ is a massive drain of electricity, regularly sucking up POUNDS AND POUNDS worth of your electricity and therefore also the very fabric of planet Earth. But! You can stop this from happening! You can vacuum AND SAVE!

Watch my exclusive video on making your own, free, energy efficient vacuum cleaner out of household equipment to learn how…

You are not allowed to steal this idea. It is MY IDEA. I’ve emailed a rough outline of the concept to Sir James Dyson, the vacuum cleaner tycoon, asking for a few million to aid in its commercial development. I also cc-ed in Trevor Bayliss, as it’s also the sort of thing he might be interested in selling to developing countries.

I will soon be known as The Other Vacuum Cleaner Tycoon.

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