BATTERY DEVELOPMENTS: Korean scientist claims eight-fold leap in power-up time

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Reach_Batteries.jpgIt is a bit of a shame and quite an embarrassment for mankind that batteries haven’t come on in leaps or bounds since the 1970s, with modern Duracells only being marginally better than the Duracells used to power a Big-Trak for about 35 minutes on Christmas Day, 1981.

But that might possibly be about to change – thanks to a man called Prof. Cho Jae-phil who works at the Department of Applied Chemistry at Hanyang University, in South Korea…

The entirely-sane professor has invented a lithium battery system that lasts eight times longer than traditional batteries, theoretically letting you charge your Nintendo DS once every 48 hours instead of once every six. You may also be able to stop carrying your laptop charger with you at all times.

The professor says the improvement comes thanks to using silicon instead of graphite inside a bit of the battery, and making three-dimensional porous silicon particles. It’s all a bit complex. All you really need to know is that portable batteries might be much better soon thanks to some boffin.

(Via Chosun)

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  • Yes, but… everything else is at least 1000 times better than it was in 1981. Science has clearly been neglecting cell technology.

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