BATTERY DEVELOPMENTS: Korean scientist claims eight-fold leap in power-up time


It is a bit of a shame and quite an embarrassment for mankind that batteries haven’t come on in leaps or bounds since the 1970s, with modern Duracells only being marginally better than the Duracells used to power a Big-Trak for about 35 minutes on Christmas Day, 1981.

But that might possibly be about to change – thanks to a man called Prof. Cho Jae-phil who works at the Department of Applied Chemistry at Hanyang University, in South Korea…

VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 6

Today I will reveal how you can save POUNDS by recharging all your gadgets for FREE! Yes, that’s right. For free. How can this be done? Have I invented something? Have I learned how to harness the awesome power of the sea? Have I mastered cold fusion in my fridge?

Or am I just lying to get attention? You’ll have to watch the below video to find out, as there’s no point me saying what the secret to a lifetime of free electricity is here if I’ve spent ages doing a video about it. That’s not how it works.

So there you go. I’m typing this using electricity I didn’t have to pay for…

Uniross High Speed Charger takes battery recharging time down to a STUNNING 15 minutes!


The battery-charging scene continues to amaze with its innovation. It is surely the most technologically advanced area of science today. Forget the Large Hadron Collider – it’s the battery world that should be creating the headlines right now!

The latest RED HOT battery development comes from renowned rechargeable expert Uniross, which has today announced the High Speed Charger, a device capable of – brace yourselves! – fully recharging batteries in an unbelievable 15 minutes. And that’s not just one or two batteries…