Nokia looking to patent self-recharging phone batteries

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nokia-logo.jpgNokia are looking to file a patent for a mechanism that would allow phone batteries to recharge themselves when out and about by collecting the kinetic energy generated by movement.

It’d work like this: the heavier components within a phone would be placed on a pair of symmetrical rails. As the phone moves in your pocket or hand, the components would slide up and down the rails, with piezoelectric crystals generating small electrical burst to be harvested by the battery.

Neat huh?

With portable gadgets becoming more central in our day-to-day lives, the fear of a depleting battery when away from a mains connection is an ever-more pertinent one. Well played Nokia then for making some interesting developments here.

Click here to read the details of the patent in full.

Via: Symbian Freak

Gerald Lynch
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