VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, Christmas Special!

Christmas greetings to one and all! You’re probably all a bit financially ruined from spending so much money on Christmas food and presents right now, even with Woolworths virtually giving away all of its stock – and I’m here to help!

Christmas Day is one of the most energy-intensive days of the year, what with demand for power from cooking equipment, entertaining the family and the like, so here are a few tips on how to have an efficient Christmas. You can have a happy holiday AND save energy while doing so…

And my energy saving tip for New Year’s Eve? Drink a small bottle of vodka at home…

VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 11

LCD, plasma, CRT, OLED – whatever television technology you currently use, they all have one thing in common – they use loads of electricity. Sure, it’s great having the light and company on these cold winter evenings, but at what price? Too much!

So, here I’ll show you how to watch TV for FREE. You save energy, the world carries on for a bit longer before becoming a burned-out husk full of cockroaches and everyone gets to enjoy guilt-free, environmentally-sound television.

This system works best if you live in a packed area of low-rise housing…

Energy & Efficiency, episode 10

By simply making a few changes to how we live our daily lives, it’s possible to save energy – and therefore also money and the world.

In a system I’m calling the Modern Energy Efficient Lifestyle (2.0) I shall outline two simple techniques designed to get mankind more in synch with the planet and therefore assure the survival of both man and environment. Here’s how.

To summarise – go to bed at 4.30pm tonight…

VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 9

Winter. A terrible time for energy waste, thanks to women always being cold and needing the heating on, plus it’s dark so the only things to do are watching TV and going on the internet. AND you have to have the lights on. It’s a terrifying period of BIG SPENDING on utility bills. If only there was some way to SAVE MONEY and ENERGY during the winter months…

There is! Allow me to introduce the concept of Human Hibernation. It’s insanity that we bother being awake during the boring winter, so I propose a Human Hibernation period from November to March. It’s worked successfully in the animal kingdom for decades – so let’s follow their example and activate hibernate.

Christmas will have to be moved to Easter to accommodate human hibernation, but that’s the only downside…

VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 7

Today I take a look at energy saving light bulbs. Sure, we’ve all replaced our old fashioned coal-powered light bulbs with new, efficient nuclear models to save money and/or the world – but now what? Is that it? Is there no more energy to be saved?

Yes! There is lots more energy to be saved! Allow me to tell you how to reduce your electricity bills further still, thanks to a little invention I’m calling “No Light bulbs.”

I can only apologise for the poor picture quality. It’s not a joke, I just cleaned the lens

VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 1

With rocketing energy prices and the pressure to be “green” in everything you do, I thought it’d be fun – and hopefully educational – to start a series of videos looking at ways we can all be more energy efficient around our homes and offices.

To kick thinks off, I take a look as the massive (white) elephant in the room – the always-on electricity sponge that is the household refrigerator. Do we really need access to cold cheese 24 hours a day? Or is it just a conspiracy by the electricity companies to keep their shareholders happy?

I hereby declare that next week is National Turn Your Fridge Off…

"Energy Saving Day was worth the effort" says the man who came up with the idea of Energy Saving Day


Matt Prescott, who’s Energy Saving Day actually saw a rise in energy consumption at the end of it, said it was still worth his effort as it helped raise awareness of the causes and led to energy companies simplifying their home insulation schemes. Awesome.

Even though E-Day clearly raised zero awareness with consumers, as everyone happily boiled more water than strictly necessary and left the oven on to keep the kitchen warm…