VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, Christmas Special!

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Christmas greetings to one and all! You’re probably all a bit financially ruined from spending so much money on Christmas food and presents right now, even with Woolworths virtually giving away all of its stock – and I’m here to help!

Christmas Day is one of the most energy-intensive days of the year, what with demand for power from cooking equipment, entertaining the family and the like, so here are a few tips on how to have an efficient Christmas. You can have a happy holiday AND save energy while doing so…

And my energy saving tip for New Year’s Eve? Drink a small bottle of vodka at home, on your own, and ensure you’ve collapsed asleep in a heap on the carpet in the lounge by 10.30pm, avoiding expensive “ticket only” club nights and their over-priced drinks.

Remember to turn the lights and TV off before you lose consciousness, though! See you in 2009 for more energy saving advice.

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