Robot Arm – for your own mini car plant


Anyone who doesn’t want a robot arm is a liar. We’ve all pretended to move like one when no one’s looking and now you can get somewhere near the real deal with this remote control version.

The arm features five servos, can lift up to 100g and grasp anything up to 1.7″ wide which sadly rules out cans of beer. The remote control, however, is another matter and one cigarette smokers will absolutely love. They’ll probably die a little sooner too but you can’t have it all.

The arm’s got a 120 degree wrist pivot, 300 degrees at the elbow and 180 degrees of freedom at the base which seems to approximate something like my own arm’s movements. My arm probably costs a bit more than this £39.99 model and doesn’t take four big batteries to run too. Pot noodles are all I need.

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Daniel Sung
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  • Would you happen to know which materials are used and the process of making the robotic arm?

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