Myomo e100 robot arm retrains your brains



Not just an assistant to a failing arm, the Myomo e100 actually helps retrain around brain damage. Developed to help stroke victims, using the e100 reinforces new neurological pathways and helps neurons reconnect. “This is an area that’s exploding,” said Hermano Igo Krebs of MIT. “There are now a hundred groups around the world working on this. In 5 to 10 years, I expect we’ll see these kinds of devices in all major clinics and rehab hospitals in the developed world, and even in patients’ homes.” [GT]

Robot Arm Gives Stroke Patients a Hand

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  • tengo a mi esposa con un ictus y no mueve el brazo,desearia información donde puedo conseguir el myomo o quien puede darle sesiones ,sin mas muchas gracias

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