Brit Pugh to swim in fresh North Pole melt

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Once again, a valiant Englishman is about to do what no one has ever done before — but this time it’s not so much “because it’s there” (as Mallory said about Everest) but rather “because it’s not there anymore.” British adventurer Lewis Gordon Pugh is planning to swim one kilometer to the Geographic North Pole in temperatures of minus 1.8 C (28.7 F) wearing only Speedo trunks, a cap and goggles. He will be swimming in waters created by melted sea ice, and hopes to draw attention to the damage climate change is doing to the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems. He has said, “”Just five or 10 years ago this swim would never have been possible. “It’s deeply regrettable that it’s possible now because of the devastating effects of climate change,” said Pugh. The swim, known as the Investec North Pole Challenge, will take place on Sunday, July 15 and will take around 21 minutes to complete. If he is successful, Pugh will break his own record which he set in 2005 off Antarctica when he swam in temperatures of 0C. [GT]

Campaigner off to swim in geographic north pole (via Ecogeek)

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