Chinese girls having sex because of Internet, says gov't



Zhang Zhengrong oversees the Shanghai hotline for pregnant teenage girls, and says almost half of the 20,000 callers met their beaux over the Internet. Therefore, the Internet is responsible! “Most of the fathers disappeared after learning about the pregnancy, and some of the mothers did not even know the fathers’ names,” the China Daily said. Also, that never happened before the Internet! The “the Internet is to blame” idea seems mostly to have come from that a survey by Zhang’s hospital showed fewer than 8% of parents spoke to their children about sex, and almost 80% of young people learned about sex from the Internet. So if there’s an upswing in the number of Chinese midgets spanking men covered in Thousand Island dressing, we’ll know… they’re reading South Park transcripts over the Internet. [GT]

China blames Internet for rise in teen pregnancies

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