Sex no longer the most popular web search


New research from Australia suggests that the most popular subject for web searches is no longer sex and porn, but those related to business. So there really is more to the net than dirty pictures…

Still, it’s not dropped much – from over 17% of web searches to around 17%. The results are based on 30 million search queries carried out on engines including Alta Vista, AlltheWeb, Ask, Excite and Dogpile.

So what conclusions are we left with?

  • People Google for sex.
  • People bookmark it (or otherwise remember how to find it).
  • There’s a wider demographic of users now than in the 90s when the Net was predominantly a male realm.
  • Or, as the Inquirer speculates, all those users have gone blind so can’t visit the sites any more.


(Via The Inquirer)

Andy Merrett
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