Our lives are increasingly tracked and monitored by software. In this brave new world, humans can’t cope with information overload. Instead, governments and companies rely on computers to automatically detect fraud, predict behaviour and enforce laws. Clever marketing tricks us into believing that phones, TV sets and even cars are somehow smart. Yet all those…

Beautiful maple keyboard reaches $300K on Kickstarter – smashes target

Understandably we don't tend to get too excited by keyboards here at Tech Digest. But here's one that looks quite exciting - and certainly more beautiful than most (I think it's reminiscent of a butterfly somehow). Manufactured by Keyboardaudio, it's called the Model 01 and has already smashed through its Kickstarter fundraising target (target was…

HP to axe thousands of jobs

Up to 16,000 more workers at computer-maker Hewlett-Packard face job losses after the company posted one per cent drop in quarterly revenue. Reuters reports that HP has struggled to maintain its grip on the shrinking PC market while protecting profit…

REVIEW: Nvidia GeForce Titan graphics card

Housing the most powerful single GPU in the world, the Nvidia GeForce Titan card is an absolute beast. But is its graphical grunt a match for the dual GPU GTX 690, especially considering its extraordinarily high cost? Check out our full review to find out!

REVIEW: Crucial Ballistix Elite 16GB RAM

A power-user's dream, Crucial's Ballistix Elite RAM packs offer great overclocking potential and neat temperature management. Check our findings on the 16GB pack in our full review.