Terrorists planning their next deadly attack using… World of Warcraft?


That’s the 100% crackpot theory being investigated by the US military at the moment, as senior officials worry that shifty-looking foreign people are massing on WoW servers to practise unleashing death.

A man called Dr. Dwight Toavs, who is a professor at the US National Defence University, gave a presentation (PowerPoint file here) on how a virtual world…

Don't just get it clean – get it Cyber Clean!


If your keyboard is forever full of the, er, by-products of the working day, perhaps you might be interested in giving it a thorough Cyber Clean.

The Cyber Clean is a… some sort of… a thing designed to help stick to and pick up the human waste (I mean dead skin and hair, nothing rude) that tends to accumulate wherever humans sit still for long periods of time. It’s uses a “combination of viscosity and elasticity” to sink into recesses and pick up dirt. It was probably developed by NASA…

Bill Gates – "using the download page to download something was not something they anticipated"


This fantastic email comes from the archives of Microsoft, and was originally turned over to the authorities during the nasty anti-trust investigation.

In it, Bill releases his epic frustration at the process of trying to download Windows Movie Maker. It’s nice to know that Bill counts the seconds Microsoft web pages take to load and also reboots his PC “every night.” Here are a few quotes – the full email’s after…

Another wi-fi detecting thing – this time it's a SHOE


Clearly the next step in human evolution is to develop a sixth sense that makes the hairs on your arm stand up or your belly button flash green when in range of a wi-fi signal – but until then we’re stuck with rubbish novelty items to let us know when there’s some stealable internet nearby.

And now it’s wi-fi shoes. Or, at least, it’s a concept piece, in which a pair of trainers have had a miniature wi-fi detector stuck on them…