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virgin digital help.gifIt can be mighty frustrating, settling down for a marathon internet-trawling session only to be bombarded with error messages to let you know that, as ever, your Wi-Fi connection has gone up the creek. The ever-industrious Richard Branson and his Virgin Digital company have recognised the horror that sets in when your laptop, Xbox or iPod starts playing up and has just launched the brand new Virgin Digital Help Service to soothe your digital woes.

Virgin Digital Help is a mixture between software solutions, remote help and on-call tech-savvy handymen. Users can install its software onto their computers, letting them view100 in-depth articles on common tech problems encountered on PCs, laptops, digital cameras, peripheral add-ons, MP3 players and games consoles. A premium version of the software, costing £2.99 a month, comes with 70,000 guides and a copy of AVG Anti-Virus software.

If you can’t find an answer within the program, you can then send an email to the remote Virgin Digital Help team or call them on a free hotline. If there is still no joy, for £90 an hour, Virgin Digital Help can send out a specialist direct to your home to fix the issue, though the team believe that 90% of problems can be fixed remotely.

While TV, MAC and AV problems aren’t yet covered, it’s still a helpful option for the technically-challenged. And, best of all, you needn’t be a Virgin Media subscriber to access the service; it’s available to all.

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