Microsoft sued over Red Ring of Death defects


A bloke in California isn’t happy about Microsoft’s handling of the “Red Ring of Death” issues that plague the Xbox360. Reshelle Cable of Folsom, California, is alleging that an excessive number of Xbox 360 consoles have failed and that Microsoft concealed the excessive failure rate of its Xbox 360 consoles so that it could get into the market ahead of Sony and Nintendo…

Friend afflicted with the Red Ring of Death disease? Buy 'em a condolence card on Etsy

Gary has been busy skiving, err, sorry, scouring Etsy for homemade goodies over at Xboxer, and uncovered this condolence card for unfortunate souls plagued with the Red Ring of Death virus. You’d think once the situation got this bad, where people started making bloody cards expressing their sorrow over the 360s breaking down, Microsoft would wake up and realise something might indeed be wrong with the machines they’re shipping.

But noooo. Owners are still reporting their Xbox 360s are facing the same problems since launch, and Microsoft are still taking an age to send the refurbished RRoD machines out in replacement. It…

Xbox 360 warranty extended to three years! Globally!

xbox360warranty.jpgIt looks like the whines of the world have paid off – Microsoft has announced an extension to its Xbox 360 warranty, covering all “Red Ring of Death” hardware failures for three years from the date of purchase.

An official press release over at MS insider news site Gamerscore Blog has all the details, but basically don’t worry – if your Xbox 360 breaks, it can be repaired for free from now on.

Microsoft needs to be the bigger man over Xbox 360 reliability

gary%20and%20sonic%20200.JPGGary Cutlack writes…

Listen up, Microsoft. The whole internet’s full of people moaning about their Xbox 360s breaking.

You can’t just sit there with your Zunes turned up to full blast ignoring the screams of your loyal users, while they suffer, lose their downloaded stuff and have to either buy a new console or pay a ludicrous 80 quid to have it fixed.