Foldable scooter eFOLDi raises half a million on crowdfunding website Crowdcube after one week

UK based innovation start-up eFOLDi has smashed its original target of £350,000, reaching over £500,000 of funding after one week on crowdfunding website Crowdcube. Revolutionising mobility for the masses, eFOLDi is billed as the the world's lightest, innovative and compact folding mobility scooter which can fit easily into the boot of any car. Offering users…

Proof that money can't buy you fashion sense, Brandish looks at rich geeks' fashion don'ts

Any excuse for a photo of Bill Gates to appear on these pages, phwroar! But there’s a reason, and it’s not a pretty sight. Yup, Ben over at Brandish, our mens’ fashion site, has done a top five of the worst dressed rich geeks this planet (un)fortunately has, and believe me, it’s a nasty sight.

Featuring Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and that other porky Steve from Apple that looks like your lechy uncle, Ben’s top five is a hilarious run-through of their fashion don’ts…

Richard Branson hopes Google Earth will help find Steve Fossett

fossett-branson.jpgThe search is continuing for pilot Steve Fossett, who’s gone missing over the Nevada desert. Former flying companion Richard Branson is turning to Google Earth in the hope that it might help find Fossett.

“I’m talking with friends at Google about seeing whether we can look at satellite images over the last four days to see whether they can see which direction he might have been flying and whether they can see any disturbances anywhere that they can pin from space,” he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in an interview.