Samsung to buy BlackBerry maker RIM predicts US money site

Mobile phones

Blackberry Bold 9700You have got to love 247wallstreet. The US financial blog has delivered some great predictions this year and is still banging on about Nokia buying Palm. Maybe one day.

Anyhow it has surpassed itself this week with its top 12 mergers for 2010. From this side of the Atlantic most of them look a little bonkers, but then again maybe in a year’s time the site might have the last laugh.

My favourite, and it overcame tough competition from an eBay and Amazon tie up and IBM bedding down with Dell, is Samsung to merge/take over BlackBerry maker RIM. Now I think there is likely to be some consolidation in the mobile phone market next year and there are several companies eyeing up Palm and maybe even Motorola, but Samsung buying RIM!

Nevertheless the site confidently predicts – ‘RIM will not be independent in a year’ citing pressure from Apple and Google which will squeeze its Smartphone market share. Apparently renewed growth in the Smartphone market won’t come quick enough and RIM will be looking for a partner. As for Samsung, well it is the number two mobile phone maker in the world and the RIM deal would solidity its Smartphone offering and helps it close the gap on Nokia. Well we’ll just have to wait to find out

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