Could the rumoured Wii 2 HD be named the Nintendo Zii?

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black wii.jpgThe Nintendo rumour-mill went into a frenzy today as Sillicon Era revealed that Nintendo have bagged the trademark for the name “Zii” in Japan.

So what is the Zii? The terms of the trademark mean it could be used for anything from a single game right through to a whole new console, so really anything is possible.

Could it be the often-rumoured Wii HD, the Wii 2 with Blu-ray capabilities and HD gaming? Who knows, but falling hardware sales mean that Nintendo may be forced to show their hand sooner than they would have liked.

Via: Sillicon Era

Gerald Lynch
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  • Companies register trademarks all the time! Not sure that this predicts the next anything …

    Although remember how no-one believed it when they announced the Wii name? How times change!

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