Don't just get it clean – get it Cyber Clean!

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cyberclean-keyboard-cleaner.jpgIf your keyboard is forever full of the, er, by-products of the working day, perhaps you might be interested in giving it a thorough Cyber Clean.

The Cyber Clean is a… some sort of… a thing designed to help stick to and pick up the human waste (I mean dead skin and hair, nothing rude) that tends to accumulate wherever humans sit still for long periods of time. It’s uses a “combination of viscosity and elasticity” to sink into recesses and pick up dirt. It was probably developed by NASA as a way for astronauts to get bits of pasta out of the command console.

It can’t do anything about the vast collection of movies and images you may have accidentally saved to a folder, though, while “researching” on the internet. You’ll have to delete that yourself in a hurry when the police kick down the door at 4.00am.

(Via RFJ)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • Thanks, Meinrad. Hopefully NASA will also read this and order a few thousand to help keep bits of crisp out of mission-critical systems!

  • Developped by the NASA, well not really. Cyber Clean has been developped and patented by JOKER AG ism Switzerland, the manufacturer of te original SLIMY mass. Nothing to do with NASA but we woudl be happy to sell to them.
    Meinrad Flury

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