Canadian "Robot Doctor" is little more than a glorified webcam on wheels

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robot-doctor-canada.jpgEXPOSED! Some Canadian doctor who works out of Nova Scotia, has, so he says, been treating patients via a sensational “Robot Doctor” that helps him listen to his patients.

So what does this “Robot Doctor” actually do? It allows Dr Ivar Mendez to indulge in “real time” video communication with patients! Just like a £4.99 webcam. It also allows “real time” voice communication with patients! Just like a telephone. Or a Skype account. It’s basically a PC case mod.

The robot, named I See You (ICU? Intensive Care Unit? Is this a doctor joke?), also trundles around hospitals via remote control, visiting patients’ beds. So as well as being a glorified webcam it’s also a glorified radio controlled car.

We have added Dr Ivar Mendez to our list of people who are not to be believed.

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  • LOL, This is so incredibly uninformed!

    The robot allows Dr. Mendez to act as real-time consultant in the operating room for high-risk brain surgery. He is one of the few experts on the east coast of Canada. Patients in other East-coast cities can receive the benefit of his knowledge, without having to travel hundreds of kilometers.

    The robot allows him to investigate the opened brain cavity and sketch a surgical procedure he’d recommend to the surgeon performing the operation.

    So the robot basically acts as a communication tool, yes a “glorified webcam”, that allows him to help more patients and save more lives.

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