Another wi-fi detecting thing – this time it's a SHOE

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rubbish-novelty-wi-fi-shoes.jpgClearly the next step in human evolution is to develop a sixth sense that makes the hairs on your arm stand up or your belly button flash green when in range of a wi-fi signal – but until then we’re stuck with rubbish novelty items to let us know when there’s some stealable internet nearby.

And now it’s wi-fi shoes. Or, at least, it’s a concept piece, in which a pair of trainers have had a miniature wi-fi detector stuck on them. This is not really “wi-fi shoes,” it’s just some normal shoes which some idiot has pretended to stick a wi-fi detector on. That’s an important distinction to make. This is not a product – it’s an idea. A very poor idea.

The chances of a pair of wi-fi-sensing trainers ever popping up in the JJB Sports sale are rather remote.


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One thought on “Another wi-fi detecting thing – this time it's a SHOE

  • I think this device is useless because I cannot see any reason because a shoe must have integrated this thing inside.

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