The Sawfish: Underwater Lumberjack



When a forest is submerged by a man-made lake (especially a man-made Three Gorges sized lake) the timber doesn’t just dissolve like so many pixy sticks. It stands, relatively unchanged, aside from becoming hellishly waterlogged (which makes it so heavy that it used to be unfeasible to reclaim). Now that Triton Logging has invented the Sawfish, essentially a submarine with some clamps and chainsaws, those forests are a much more viable timber option. Triton points out that this also involves much less disturbance of wildlife or need to build roads in delicate wilderness. Sure, but also, the idea of a submarine with chainsaws is just incredibly cool. (Oh, and how does it deal with the waterlogged-heaviness of the trees? It attaches airbags so they float up. And now you know.) [GT]

Triton Logging [via Treehugger]

Gabrielle Taylor
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