VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 11

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LCD, plasma, CRT, OLED – whatever television technology you currently own, they all have one thing in common – they use loads of electricity. Sure, it’s great having the light and company on these cold winter evenings and it’s always nice to see Christine Bleakley smiling out at you like she’s your friend, but at what price? Too much!

So, here I’ll show you how to watch TV for FREE. You save energy, the world carries on for a bit longer before becoming a burned-out husk full of cockroaches and everyone gets to enjoy guilt-free, environmentally-sound television.

This system works best if you live in a packed area of low-rise housing, so there’s more choice.

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Gary Cutlack
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    • When they close the curtains at night you can press your ear up against the window for sound. The only drawback then is no picture 🙁

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