Hippyshopper's top five best energy saving adapters

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bye%20bye%20standby-thumb67.jpg I think it’s safe to say that the demographic of this blog doesn’t do much to help save the environment, and I include myself in there, believe me. With our power-guzzling LCD tellies, games consoles constantly on standby, and more things generally plugged into sockets than anyone else, we can definitely improve on our eco-friendliness.

Hippyshopper has created a list of the top five energy saving adapters that can help stop us wasting £290 million and 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 every year from just having our stereos on standby alone. Not only will these adapters help save the planet we live on, but will also help us save some cash. Y’know…so we can then spend it on the latest must-have contraption and send more CO2 emissons into the atmosphere. Whoops…

Hippyshopper’s list of the top five energy saving adapters

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Katherine Hannaford
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