Giving Green Tech the Green Light: 5 Technological Advances Making Cars More Eco-Friendly

Image: Aptera solar-powered car Americans love the open road, but consumers have been more concerned with loving the planet in recent years. Auto manufacturers are responding with more eco-friendly vehicles for today’s drivers.  These state-of-the-art technologies include complex systems that change the way people travel to eco-friendly materials that last longer…

Samsung launches "Blue Earth" solar-powered phone


Many tech companies seem insistent on just using “green” as a marketing gimmick, and Samsung is the latest to launch an ‘eco phone’ rather than just integrating green principles into all its handsets.

The company has come up with the “Blue Earth” phone, which is made of recycled plastic, free of Brominated Flame Retardants, Beryllium and Phthalate, and has a great big solar panel on the back for charging purposes.

The integrated solar charger is excellent news, but why isn’t the company planning that for all its future handsets? Why aren’t ALL Samsung phones made with recycled plastic and free of harmful substances? Why don’t they ALL come in recycled, minimum-mass packaging with an energy efficient charger? Why don’t they ALL come with a low-power “eco mode”?

Confining all those things to one model, especially one that looks as garish as “Blue Earth” does, won’t have any real ecological benefit. All it does is let Samsung say to its critics “look how green we are!”. Well, I’m afraid that’s not going to wash with us. Sorry Samsung – come back when your intentions lie in saving the planet, rather than your marketing department.

Samsung at MWC

Hivision's 'eco-friendly' NB1020 sub-notebook runs on Windows Vista, firm rival for Eee 1000


Hivision is a brand we’re unlikely to ever see in the Western World, however it’s worth showing to you, due to the claim that it’s an ‘eco-friendly’ sub-notebook.

Shown off at Computex, the PC expo in Taipei, the NB1020 runs on Linux, Windows XP and…Vista? It has a 1.6GHz processor speed, 512 DDR RAM, and an 80GB HDD. It’s on the large end of the sub-notebook scale, measuring 10.2″, with a resolution of 1024 x 600…

Barclaycard goes green with launch of "Green-O-Meter" Facebook application


Barclaycard has announced the launch of its “Green-O-Meter” Facebook application, which tests how environmentally friendly your life is by answering a range of questions on household, shopping, food, and travel.

The application also offers suggestions for greener living, and users can compare their scores with friends much as per other Facebook applications. In the future, additional quizzes will be added to the application…