Sagem launches two "Green" ECO Freeview digiboxes

Digital set-top boxes


Sagem has announced the launch of two eco-friendly set top boxes. The ITD58NG ECO and ITD59NG ECO both offer basic Freeview functionality, including Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), and connect to your telly via SCART.

Bizarrely, given the five pound price difference, the ITD58NG ECO only offers Now/Next programme information, while the ITD59NG ECO has the full seven day EPG that most people expect as the bare minimum.

The units are 15 x 13.5 x 4cms, so fairly small and slim. Their green credentials come from the fact that they use less than five watts of power during operation, and two watts in standby mode.

These are probably not going to drive your main TV, but could be good for helping an older secondary TV go digital.

ITD58NG ECO costs £24.99; ITD59NG ECO costs £29.99

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Andy Merrett
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