UK supermarket giant Tesco announces Tesco Digital download store

Digital Music

tesco-download-store.jpgWhen throwing a bag of carrots and some paper towels into you virtual shopping trolley at Tesco, you’ll also be able to chuck in a few MP3s from the likes of Kylie, Rihanna, and Pete. Doherty, that is, although I wouldn’t place him on top of the bananas in your trolley, you don’t want them to go off too quickly.

Launching in May, Tesco Digital will be selling music downloads, with TV, films and games offered in the near future. Of the 3.3 million tracks available, 1.6 million will be in the MP3 format, for easy transfer to your favourite iAccessory. Currently they have a limited service, selling tracks in the WMA format, but this move to MP3 marks a major move from the UK retailer. And yes, before you ask – Clubcard Points will be offered on all purchases.


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