Sky’s 4K ready high-end Sky Q boxes available from £42 a month

Sky's 4K-ready Sky Q set-top boxes are set to launch on February 8th with prices starting from £99 for installation plus £42 per month for the entry level 8-tuner model. Alternatively you will be able to get the flagship Sky Q Silver complete with 12 tuners for £99 upfront and £54 per month after. Without Sky Broadband, Sports or Movies,…

LIVING WITH: YouView with BT Vision

It's time to re-visit YouView. Has its intriguing interface become easier to navigate over time, and have the service's few other problems been ironed out?

YouView gets movie boost with NOW TV app

YouView, the long-awaited set-top box mash-up with both terrestrial TV and online video-on-demand channels, gets its first major content update today with the addition of BSkyB's NOW TV movie streaming service. Pulling in hundreds of films from the Sky Movies…

REVIEW: Onyx Digital Stream DPS-1000

Looking for web-connected features from your ageing flatscreen TV? Then the Digital Stream DPS-1000 from Onyx (recently refreshed to add LoveFilm support), may suit your needs for a bargain price, providing you can put up with a few glaring omissions.

REVIEW: TVonics DTR-HD500 Freeview+ HD recorder

Name: DTR-HD500 Freeview+ HD recorder (TVonics) Type: HD set-top box and recorder Specs: Click here for full specs Price: £255.31 direct from TVonics Let's not beat around the bush; £250+ is a hell of a lot of money to…

Sky to revamp Anytime video-on-demand service

Sky are set to roll out a new Anytime+ service to Sky+ HD subscribers later this year. It will allow customers to choose specific shows from Sky's vast catalogue of programs and download them onto their box to be viewed….

Freeview HD to go live in time for World Cup

It's been available for a couple of months to some viewers, but Freeview HD was officially launched today, bringing subscription-free high definition broadcast television to millions in the UK, just in time for this year's World Cup. BBC, ITV…