Sky to revamp Anytime video-on-demand service

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Sky+ HD box.jpgSky are set to roll out a new Anytime+ service to Sky+ HD subscribers later this year. It will allow customers to choose specific shows from Sky’s vast catalogue of programs and download them onto their box to be viewed.

Sky’s current Anytime service sees the broadcaster cherry-pick shows for on-demand viewing. While the content is often very good and up to date, it’s not a true on-demand service as it merely gives you a choice between a limited few shows. There’s also the fact that half the shows Sky pipe into your box overnight you’ll never actually watch, taking up precious disk space, only to be removed when Sky change the Anytime content.

Sky Anytime+ however will offer a far wider range of shows to Sky subscribers, giving them the choice they sorely miss. The Ethernet port currently left unused on Sky boxes will be used to download shows you select from a catalogue straight to the box.

No specific release date for this update as yet, but with Sky Player now available with 3View and Humax set-top boxes and the Xbox 360 games console, their on-demand services are becoming more and more ubiquitous.

Virgin Media better make some moves fast, as their unique selling point looks set to be outdone here.

Gerald Lynch
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  • I second albertacowpoke’s question…
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    Think they would read the BILL if they had to live by it?

  • “Virgin Media better make some moves fast, as their unique selling point looks set to be outdone here.”

    Hardly… seeing as the VOD service is a progressive download, rather than instant streaming.

    • Hmm, point taken, but I guess it’s really down to your download speed ultimately. A strong broadband connection these days could get you standard-def content very quickly, and Sky seem to be offering a mammoth catalogue of shows to choose from. Will be really interesting when this one rolls out.

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