Humax enters EV charging market in the UK

Best known for its digital TV recorders and smart home devices, Humax has entered the EV charging market for the first time in the UK.  South Korea-based Humax has a 35-year heritage in manufacturing and the automotive mobility sector, with an extensive portfolio covering smart parking, fleet management, shared mobility and electric vehicle charging –…

Freesat announces new "plus" service coming mid-November; Humax offers first HD DVR


Freesat, keen to join the likes of Freeview+ and Sky+ in offering DVR capability on its platform, has announced that Freesat+ will be available from mid-November.

When a suitably-equipped digibox is connected to the satellite feed, full DVR functionality is offered, including pausing and recording live TV, detailed channel guides, series recording, and so on…

Two new Humax Freeview+ PVR set-top boxes out today


It’s summer! Or so I have discovered upon leaving Scotland for the weekend! And that means it’s a great time to go outside and not gawp aimlessly at the gogglebox. That’s why you need a PVR – else, who knows, they might change the entire cast of ‘Stenders and you’d never know how it happened. Handily, Humax has just launched two new PVRs with built-in twin Freeview tuners.