AlertMe home intruder alarm – is this home security for the internet generation?


Seeing as I work from home, I don’t have an awful lot of use for home security gadgets. However, it struck me, during a recent power cut (when nearly every house in the local vicinity decided to chime their annoyance at the lack of electricity throughout the remainder of the afternoon) that standard burglar alarms are pretty much useless.

Four way Wii remote charger on its way


You can complain all you want about the Wii being just a party gaming machine that doesn’t cater to the ‘core gamers, but at the end of the day it is a GREAT party gaming machine that doesn’t cater to the ‘core gamers. However if you want to have a proper Wii party, you’ll need three other noobs a full collection of Wii remotes. The trouble is, they will invariably run out of batteries mid Kart race and you’ll be left desperately searching for fresh ones inside old TV remotes and that ‘massage’ device your wife keeps.

First sightings of the Gamepark GP3X handheld emulator


Disappointingly few people know that Sony and Nintendo aren’t the only purveyors of handheld games consoles (no I’m not counting that Gizmondo nonsense). Both of these companies also have a particularly unfriendly view of the homebrew applications, seeing as it tends to go hand in hand with piracy. Gamepark, however, is all about the homebrew scene. It has already released a number of handheld consoles of varying spec and is now gearing up to release a third – the GP3X.

Art Lebedev kicks up a Plastinkus


You! You’re bored, right? Do you want to make some silly noises so that the annoyance of others mildly alleviates your own tedium? Of course you do. Here’s an idea then – how about a plastic, credit card sized turntable that you can scratch and, errr, scratch some more. You can probably even freestyle rap over the top of it. Then you’ll be down, yo.

Scrabulous removed from Facebook in North America, internet retaliates


“Scrabulous is disabled for U.S. and Canadian users until further notice,” reads a message from Scrabulous’ makers to players on Facebook. The removal of the Scrabulous application follows the lawsuit from Hasbro, the company which own the distribution rights to the Scrabble board game, which Scrabulous very closely resembles.

Freud Coffee maker makes coffee, looks nice


Say hello to the Freud coffee maker. It is not named after the famous psychologist who thought everything looked like willies and that everyone secretly harboured Oedipus complexes. It is named after because it was designed in a cafe in London’s Neal Yard, called Frevd [sic – oldwoldy spelling alert].

Microsoft Research demos Surface Sphere

This week's useless innovations in computing award goes to the Microsoft Research team, who sellotaped a projector, an exercise ball and a customised version of Microsoft Surface (the touchscreen computing system that will look great in tech demos right up until it is abandoned as impractical) together. With these three unlikely ingredients, they have created the Microsoft Sphere.