Microsoft to use Facebook to extend Live Search reach


Now that Microsoft has abandoned its attempts to grab a piece of Yahoo search pie, it’s looking for new ways to make sure Live Search is down with you crazy social networking kids. Naturally, that involves crowbarring it into the social networking website of the hour, Facebook (in which the Redmond Giant has a 1.6% share), in the hope that someone will use by accident and even decide they like it.

Acapella unveils new Violon & High Violon MKIV speaker set – beauty is in the ear of the beholder


German audio company Acapella Audio Arts is a household name amongst serious audiophiles and renowned for its dangerously high quality audio products, and in particular its Violon loudspeakers. Well, audiophiles, prepare to clasp the nearest ring binder to your waists and shuffle cautiously towards the gents; Acapella has just unveiled its latest Violon set – the Violon & High Violon MKIV.

Microsoft about-turns on Games for Windows Live pricing, offers refund


PC gaming news was kind of thin on the ground at the recent E3. Well, in fairness, gaming news was widely considered to be thin on the ground at this year’s E3, but directly PC-relevant news especially so. Microsoft must have been a bit too embarrassed to announce this one to the attending masses (despite how appealing it is to our wallets): Games for Windows Live is now free to use on PC.

Creative to roll out art-inspired ZEN Mozaic media players


Elegance, simplicity, functionality, subtlety. These are words that you might use to describe a certainly overwhelming popular portable music player. That poses a problem for rival manufacturers who now have to slash a few of those adjectives off their list or risk just being complete clones.

Creative has the spirit though, it’s eschewed elegance and subtlety in favour of a new bold, tiled design obviously inspired either by the Dorchester Roman town house or the sight of a chess board falling into a Battenberg cake mix. Creative wouldn’t be the first though.