Two new Humax Freeview+ PVR set-top boxes out today


It’s summer! Or so I have discovered upon leaving Scotland for the weekend! And that means it’s a great time to go outside and not gawp aimlessly at the gogglebox. That’s why you need a PVR – else, who knows, they might change the entire cast of ‘Stenders and you’d never know how it happened. Handily, Humax has just launched two new PVRs with built-in twin Freeview tuners.

Spray on condoms turn your todger turquoise


Since Charles Goodyear invented the rubber vulcanization process, condoms haven’t seen much in the way of product development, apart from a couple of material changes, since the first rubbers were manufactured in 1855. Arguably, the John Thomas hasn’t exactly seen much of its share of design changes in that time either, so perhaps male contraceptives aren’t in great need of a makeover either. However, one German scientist thinks differently.

Esquire magazine thinks that the 21st century begins in September, thanks to E-Ink


Despite what the header may imply, E-Ink is not a mind-altering narcotic (although I’ve personally never tried drinking the contents of a Sony Reader). E-Ink is in fact an amazing new-ish type of electronic paper that could revolutionise the way we think about books and magazines. You can already see its extremely impressive abilities in the aforementioned Sony device, as well as its rival, the Amazon Kindle. This does not explain the appalling time keeping at Esquire though.

Invisible Nanotube ropes could revolutionise the circus trade


I know what you’re wondering – when, oh when, is cutting edge modern technology going to be used to help our travelling circus friends? Well don’t worry, it won’t be long now. Scientists have calculated that an invisible Carbon Nanotube rope just 1cm thick and invisible to the naked eye could support the weight of a human, potentially putting a radical new twist on boring old tightrope walks (but potentially destroying the mime industry).