HP planning a cheaper 2nd gen Eee PC rival

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HP’s current Mini-Note apparently missed the meeting where the ULPC acronym was explained, specifically the ‘UL’ part, and is one of the most expensive netbooks on the market. That hasn’t really made much of an impact on sales, apparently, but HP is now keen to introduce a new ‘economy’ device for those who didn’t want to make the stretch to the existing 2133 model.

Unfortunately there isn’t much info on the new model’s specs, although we expect it to be a good hundred quid or so less than its counterpart to keep up with more traditional Eee PC knock-offs.

HP’s Jerel Chong revealed only that “It won’t be as durable but it will be cheaper”, so it might be a good guess that it’s pretty much all the same innards (retaining HP’s unique decision to offer Vista Business as an OS) but without the anodised aluminium chassis or spill-resistant keyboard. That’s just rampant speculation on our part though.

Chong also refused to confirm or deny rumours that the 2133 Mini-Note would be upgrading to Intel Atom processors from the VIA C7-M it currently uses.

HP Mini Note (via APC)

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