HP planning a cheaper 2nd gen Eee PC rival


HP’s current Mini Note apparently missed the meeting where the ULPC acronym was explained, specifically the ‘UL’ part, and is one of the most expensive netbooks on the market. That hasn’t really made much of an impact on sales, apparently, but HP is now keen to introduce a new ‘economy’ device for those who didn’t want to make the stretch to the existing 2133 model.

Acer is next to jump onto the sub-notebook craze with the rumoured Mini-Note Aspire One


Cor – hot on the heels of yesterday’s news about the Dell sub-notebook, and the 3K we just wrote about, Acer has jumped onto our radar with the rumour that they’re to release a Mini-Note, as pictured above.

Codenamed ‘Aspire One’ for now, it looks like it has an 8.9″ screen and runs on Windows XP SP3. It’s been spotted at the Computex show in Taipei, and whilst the information is hazier than a foggy morning, it looks like it’ll cost 299€, placing it in direct competition with ASUS’ Eee 900. Considering Acer…

Five of the best ASUS Eee PC rivals, plus all the news on rumoured Eee models…


Last year, the Eee PC from ASUS launched, cementing sub-10″ ‘budget’ notebooks in the history pages forever, as other major manufacturers scrambled to keep up with their phenomenal success. Even the gadget-models at I4U News snuggled it into their boobage, as you can see!

ASUS is keeping ahead of the game, with several models already released, and more out shortly. There’s the original 7″ 4G Eee, which had a 4GB flash drive and cost £219, the French model with integrated HSDPA, a touch-screen model with boosted internal storage, and the 8.9″ Eee 900 which also has an increased memory and storage, and importantly the option of Windows XP instead of the Linux OS. Not forgetting that strange report from a few weeks ago about a desktop Eee…

There are still rumours flying around about more models, with June pointed at as a likely month for them to launch an Atom-powered machine, instead of containing a Celereon processor like before. This will give it a longer battery life, and improved performance. A 10″ model is also being planned, according to ASUS, which will hopefully be out later this year.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at the various Eee PC bandwagon-jumpers, below…

HP Mini-Note 2133 jumps on the Eee PC Bandwagon, aims at students


With the Asus Eee PC shredding up laptop charts (yes, apparently there are laptop charts now) and shooting to near overnight success thanks to its light weight and low price tag, other laptop manufacturers are practically falling over themselves to join in.

So it’s not really a huge surprise that HP, one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, would want a piece of that market. This is the Mini-note – it weighs in at just 1.18kg, has an 8.9″, 1280 x 768 screen, runs on a VIA processor and offers either a 64GB solid state drive running SUSE Linux or Windows XP / Vista on a 160GB HDD. It is set to cost $500 for the Linux model or $600 for the Windows one…