Elonex undercuts the Eee PC with the £99 laptop

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The fever pitch excitement over the Eee PC has died down a little of late, so let’s all get excited about another budget laptop – the Elonex One.

This British-made machine is being aimed at the education sector, with an official launch at the Education Show later this month. The specification of this Linux-based machine includes Wi-Fi, a flash-based hard drive, a “hard-wearing case” a “wireless music server” and a 3-hour battery life – although the main hardware details will only be known after the launch.

Elonex hopes the PC will make computer use available to more children across the UK irrespective of how much money their parents have and is also willing to donate one device free for every 100 sold to the poorest families. Undoubtedly we’ll have more on this in a couple of weeks.

Elonex (via Pocket-Lint)

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  • The new elonex machines only have a 300Mhz processor and 128MB RAM – compared with the EEE’s 900Mhz and 512MB – they are really in a different class TBH.

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