Elonex introduces the eBook in partnership with Borders


Elonex has teamed up with bookshop giant Borders to launch the eBook. Or the eBook 600EB to give it its full title.

The partnership with Borders means that the eBook comes pre-loaded with 100 “all-time classics”. Presumably Napper Goes For Goal is one of the classics included – it is the greatest story ever told. The Borders’ e-book store has an additional 45,000 titles available to download.

The eBook is only 9mm thick and weighs just 180g. It has a 6-inch e-ink screen which can display eight different font sizes. It also has an SD card slot which can support up to 4GB. Elonex sells an accessory pack for the eBook for £29 which has a 4GB card as well as a leather case. Alternatively just buy a 4GB SD card from Play.com for £6.49.

Elonex states that, with a 4GB SD card in place, the eBook can hold 8,000 books. “With 8,000 books weighing the same as an elephant,” they say. “How else are you going to fit 8,000 books in your suitcase?” Quite why you’d need 8,000 books on you is open to debate though. Surely only Holly from Red Dwarf and, perhaps, Will Self have read 8,000 books.

Sorry if this post came off a little unenthusiastic, it’s just that with every e-book release, the giant Kindle sized hole in the UK becomes even more apparent.

The Elonex eBook will cost you £189.95 and will be available here very soon.

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UPDATED: Carphone Warehouse discontinues Linux netbook after unpopularity


The Carphone Warehouse, in a display of extreme lameness, has withdrawn the Elonex Webbook from sale, because it reckons that its customers can’t cope with Ubuntu Linux. Perhaps it’s a reflection on the kind of people who buy computers from Carphone Warehouse, but return rates were up to about 20 percent.

Carphone Warehouse has been promoting the netbook on X-Factor, and they’re going to keep selling a version with Windows XP on. They also offer an Eee 701 deal. The netbook, which comes bundled with Ubuntu (presumably Hardy Heron), has sold approximately 60,000 since launch on a ‘contract’ deal where customers pay £19 a month and get 3G internet access.

Carphone Warehouse (via ITProPortal)

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