Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy launching MEGAHOUSES to flog the UK electronics this year

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best-buy-launching-in-uk.jpgThe UK phone-shifter and the American technology super-chain will soon publish their plans for selling us lot in the UK cheap electronics.

Over 100 electronics warehouses will launch in the UK under the Best Buy brand, as the tech-seller pushes out of its homeland to crush the likes of Currys and Comet over here. The plan is thanks to Best Buy’s deal to buy half of Carphone Warehouse earlier this year to push its expansion in Europe.

The shops will be similar in size and style to Best Buy’s American uber-warehouses, which are vast, supermarket-sized halls rammed full of everything from MP3 players and cameras to cherry-effect PC desks and TVs. The move has been described as “Seriously bold given the current economic situation,” with Andy Merrett from Tech Digest clearly sceptical of the wisdom of such a huge retail launch in these troubled times.

(Via PC Pro)

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