White iPhone 3G available for pre-order at the Carphone Warehouse

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white-phone-3g.jpgAh, the white iPhone 3G! Of course. So very different to the black iPhone 3G in every way. See, now that the Carphone Warehouse has a new stock of them for pre-order as of today, suddenly I want to buy one because, after all, it was the colour that was putting me off before – so very dingy and depressing it was. It was nothing to do with the extortionate tariffs at all.

Were there people really waiting for this day to come before they bought their very own Jesus Phone? Or is it just a hoard of J-Lo wannabes queuing round the block as we speak to get their second handset that’ll now match their white Prada velour tracksuits as well as their black?

But far be it from me to tell you what to buy and what not to (don’t buy it). If you want to go and buy a white 16GB iPhone 3G (don’t) then you’d better get it sorted pretty quick because doubtless there are a whole load of other losers people out there who want to be killed a second iPhone too.

Carphone Warehouse

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