Dan's Bargain of the Week: iPhone telescope attachment – make the Apple mobile's camera a bit less shit


It does rather ruin the notion of the iPhone 3G being compact but there’s something wonderfully nautical about this crystal case and screw-on telescope adapter.

If, however, you do not have a peg leg and a squint you may need a little more convincing to pre-order this $18.99 gadget but then again, you may already be sick to death of the 2.0-megarubbish camera sitting on the back of your phone.

Unfortunately, this device won’t improve the quality any but it will mean that you can make objects seem six times bigger then they actually are. Now, usually I’d say that six times more rubbish was a bad thing but when we’re talking about papping people, I guess it’s a case of the closer the better.

The Crystal Case referred to – presumably not Waterford – is obviously protection for your iPhone as well as the mechanism by which the telescope attaches and the whole kit offers you a super-wide angle view as well as the 6x zoom.

All in all, it’s a bit of a bargain for the money, even if only for a month or two of novelty. The good news is that if you pre-order it now and it turns out to be more expensive, then they won’t ask you for any more and if they sell it for less then, they’ll refund you the difference. Everyone’s a winner.

In fact if you roll that in with the fact that the worldwide postage is only $2.99, then at a total of $21.98, that officially makes the Crystal Case and Telescope Dan’s Bargain of the Week. Eat that load of monkeys.

Crystal Case & Scope

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Daniel Sung
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