Asus Eee PC T91 out in June for £449


I’m not sure who spends £449 on a netbook even if it has got a swivelling touchscreen. I’m not sure Asus knows either but presumably enough people will meet their valuation for the Eee PC T91 which we saw running Vista in Vegas at the beginning of the year.

In its favour, the 8.9″ machine does also come packed with a TV tuner and GPS and yeah, ok, it is sexy and I do want to play with one. Just wondering how quickly the novelty wears off on these finger cramping devices.

If you’re getting hot under colour and find your laptop too big, then all you have to do is wait for June 2009 which by my calculations is next month.

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Eee PC hailed as top computer for developing countries


Three African Universities have lauded the Asus Eee PC as the best low-power computer option for developing countries. The study, conducted by charity Computer Aid, put three laptops and two ‘thin client’ solutions through their paces. The Eee was ranked top by teams in Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

The Eee didn’t rank top in every category – the OLPC XO won out on power consumption but ranked poorly for performance. The Intel Classmate was the opposite – doing well in performance tests but with its battery not holding out for long enough.

The ‘thin client’ solutions – the Inveneo Computing Station and Ncomputing X300 – were criticised as too expensive. The research team at Kenyatta University said:

“Asus had the best solution for an average individual owner and user in rural Africa who needs a low power PC, while Ncomputing proved to be the more viable choice for many learning institutions.”

It’s interesting that Asus’ netbook still wins out in the developing world, especially as the netbook revolution was founded on attempts to make low-cost PCs for developing countries. The results proved just as appealing to western markets.

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Cram OS X on your netbook – compatibility chart


Okay, hold up. You know that netbook of yours? With the tiny screen, and CD drive? What you wanna do with that, right, is put a banging donk on it. And once you’ve finished, you might think about installing OS X.

Rob Beschizza over at BoingBoing Gadgets has put together an awesome compatibility chart of which bits work with which netbooks on OS X.

Of course, it goes without saying that you’re going to need a dodgy copy of OS X, and you’ll need to be pretty comfortable with using the command line, too. The best little machines for the job? The Dell Mini 9 and the MSI Wind.

OS X Compatibility Chart

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