Asus readying 30GB Eee PC 900

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asus-eee-pc-900.jpgRumours from China suggest that Asus is preparing to release a new model of Eee PC 900, this one sporting a 30GB hard drive.

This word comes from an Asus site which lists “Eee PC 900 30G” systems and doesn’t conform to the existing 12 and 20GB models. The principle difference that this makes is that the more modern SSD is being swapped out for an older-but-larger HDD. There’s a small negative affect ont he battery life too, dropping it from 2.5 hours to 2.2 hours.

Three new models will use the expanded hard disc space – two bearing Linux, available in black or white, and a single black, XP equipped version. For reasons unknown, the same expanded drive is not being offered to Eee PC 901 customers.

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of buying a larger Eee PC 1000H model, you might want to sit tight for a couple of days. Word coming in from in the US suggests that Asus is about to announce a $100 price drop for the diminutive laptop.

While this is not yet an official announcement, people who just splashed out on one and feel justifiably glum might want to look at the recent rebates following similar price cuts on 900 models.

Eee PC (via Electronista and UberGizmo)

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