Asus Eee Box mini-desktop available in UK from September


It really is inch by inch with some of these products, isn’t it? Having officially given up the goods on the Asus Eee Box a few weeks back, the trendy Taiwan company has lobbed the final bone our way and given us a release date too – well, nearly anyway.

September is the month to save for here in the UK but you’ll only need a couple of weeks to do so with the compact little desktop coming in at a very modest £199. You could buy one for your gran, even if she wouldn’t use it.

Now there’s no screen or keyboard or stick of rock with “Asus” all the way through it included in that price but of course you can hook it up via a standard VESA monitor connection.

Specwise, you’re looking at an 80GB HDD; a gig of RAM; a universal card reader; a 1.6GHz Atom processor to keep it nice, quiet and 90% more power efficient than standard desktops and support for 802.11n wireless technology as well. What’s more, it looks good and you can tell all your mates you own an Asus. Well, some time in September you can, anyway.

Asus (via PC Advisor)

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