Dell Studio Hybrid compact desktop computer launches today


A new line of desktop computers will be hitting the shelves today as the Dell Studio Hybrid is unleashed onto the market to compete with the likes of the Asus Eee Box for sleek, space-saving mini machines for the modern home.

Although much more expensive than the Asus, starting at £569, the Hybrid is a better looking package and comes with an RF wireless keyboard and mouse. The acrylic shell can be removed and replaced with a different colour or even special edition styles such as the bamboo one we saw a while back.

You see, the idea of the Hybrid is to fit in exactly where traditional household desktop towers are rapidly disappearing. According to the marketing folks at Dell, no one wants a great big family computer any more and their latest offering provides a device which can be easily detached from its usual position and moved to the TV where it can be connected via an HDMI port and used as a media player with its DVD drive or whatever downloadables you’ve got stored in its 320GB HDD.


The 180mm x 210mm x 70mm chassis comes with plenty of USB ports, a healthy 4GB of RAM and, as we had been promised, it’s made largely of recyclable materials – and that includes the packaging too. It even uses up less power – 71% less, we’re told – and all it’s all controlled with Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

I’ve been off desktops for a long time now. They’re big, they’re ugly and they take over your space. Between the Hybrid and the Eee Box, I’m back in the market again – modern solutions for a modern lifestyle.

Update: So, it turns out the sucker does come with an optional Blu-ray drive making the HDMI port of some use. Hurrah! If it’s still not on the site when you’re trying to out your package together, then call up Texas and demand to speak to Michael Dell.

Dell Studio Hybrid

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Daniel Sung
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  • Well said, such a person should be a good sentence, or the future will be more rampant.

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    i’ll be obliged..

  • Interesting. The 4GB of memory is good. Seems like a waste to have HDMI without Blu-Ray inside though.

    I just bought myself a cheap used MacMini to act as a hub for my MacBook Pro which i take everywhere with me. I can see that happening more and more. People with an Eee PC getting a more powerful home hub to create a proper portable and home-based system.

    If only the software existed for a mac that actually synced two computers to keep the content mirrored and always up to date!

    We’ll laugh about all this in 10 years.

    • I was sure there was going to be a Blu-ray option on this and I know exactly what you mean FLTD. They’re really nice little machines and I’m very surprised. There’s not even an option to spec them up to the that on the Dell site.

      As for laughing at this in 10 years, I suspect that there’s a hell of a lot that’ll make us laugh, weep and shudder when we look back. Blackberries have come on a little since 1998 –

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